• T.I Audio LA-12P single 12 inch active line array in Vietnam show.
  • G-512 single12" Loudspeaker for outdoor meeting in Kenya
  • T.I audio pro dual 10" line array LA-210 for the presidential conference in Mali.
  • LA-210 double 10'' line array with the LA-18 single 18'' subwoofer and the LA-218 double 18'' subwoofer was a show in Tanzania
  • 16 pieces LA-210 Dual 10 inch line array were the show in Mali
  • LA-215 dual 15 inch line array was a show in Uganda
  • 24 pcs LA-210P were the show in Tanzania
  • 8 pieces LA-210 double 10 inches were a show in Italy
  • 32 pieces G-512 were at church sound install in Vietnam