Product name :  16 Channel Digital Mixer

Professional Interface

DigiMix2016T digital mixer is integrated with digital mixer system by the innovative design and powerful DSP function, it brings very professional function experience to the users .

Everything you expected with the top digital mixers , integrated with our powerful DSP technology ,it has powerful function ,and the audio performance is far ahead among the similar products .

Upgrade or replace from analog mixer to digital mixer ,DigiMix2016T is one of  your best choices.




Function Introduction

10 inch resistive touch screen  1280X 800 resolution

9 piece 100mm electric faders

can display all the function page when offline

Built-in USB record,play function

USB player can recognize the names of Chinese-English songs

Built-in blue tooth connection ,mobile phone and computer can connect to mixer by blue tooth wireless .

Built in 16 channels ,independent feedback suppressor

Open third-party control protocol TCP/IP, RS-232 control instructions

Integration speaker supervisor

With 8 DCA

Can be controlled by pad/computer /phone

Can choose WIFI hot spots

Support 8 terminals . Can control at the same time

Every input channel has 8 segments parameters ,noise gate , feedback suppressor, high/low pass , compression , inverting

Every output channel has 16 parameters balance , high/low pass , compression , inverting, 1s delayer.

Output channel L/R ,10 BUS, REC(L/R)HeadPhone(L/R)

6 BUS mixing can choose PRE/POST

Bulit-in 4 Effect module

Can upgrade ARM firmware ,DSP firmware by internet or USB Resistance disk

Support 100 groups, scene preset function , can export, import USB memory for data backup

32 input PEQ mode storage

Built-in signal generator: sine wave, pink noise, white noise

Channel parameter copy function, the same channel to copy data quickly

Wiring method: Balanced input and output cards

8 fader groups and 8 mute groups

Channel name can be customized