Product name :  K-88 Pro Outdoor Wireless Microphone

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A) With unique digital isolation technology and more than 12 sets of overlapped machines can be used in a same frequency band. 

B) Up to 300 meters of  ultra long working distance. no need of signal amplifier and other auxiliary equipment. 

C) High fidelity sound transmission, near use without breaking tone, far use without distortion 

D) UHF true diversity receiver with automatic signal selection technic, guaranteeing stability of signal receiving. 

E) Use: Outdoor performance       

1. Modulation Mode£ºUHF

2. Signal Reception Mode£ºTrue diversity. Automatic signal selection.

3. Frequency Range£ºUHF 650--840MHz

4. Available Channels£º250£¨CH000-299£©

5. Max Working Distance£º300 M. 

6. RF Output Power£º10mW

7. Frequency Stability£º¡À0.0001 MHz

8. Signal-to-Noise Ratio£ºtyp.110db

9. Total Harmonic Distortion£º¡Ü0.3%

10.  AF Freq Response£º40-16 000 Hz ¡À 3 dB

11. MIC Sensitivity£º-51dbV/pa@1khz

12. Receiver Sensitivity£º-105dbm

13. Power Consumption of Handheld  Battery:£¸h.                                                                               

14. Freq Docking  Mode:  Selecting channel (receiver).  Infrared pairing frequency(handhelds) 

15.  Power supply£ºDC 12V 1A