Product name :  LA-310 3 way dual 10 inch line array&LA-33 subwoofer

LA-310 is a new model line array of T.I Audio which with two 10" high efficiency neodymium LF speakers, the central element is the mid-range horn, driven by two 8" cone neodymium speakers, with the mid-high frequency unit comprising two 1.4" compression neodymium drivers and a newly developed wave former, positioned coaxially in the centre. The vertical dispersion is 10 degree, while 80 and 120 degree versions are available for the horizontal dispersion. The low-mid range is supplemented by two 10" long excursion bass speakers. It is remarkable that below 400 Hz all four cone speakers work together providing impressive reserves of low-mid and punch.

LA-310 line array is for outdoor live show with small size and very powerful sound, easily pk to win the 2*12" line array system. T.I Audio with long time research on drivers units. But it’s not just an impressive sound performance that makes a modern loudspeaker system a success. Ease and safety of operation, a quick setup and dismantle are also required.

For Medium-large scale venues including stadium, concert hall, auditorium, theatre, Music Halls, Night clubs, Large Discotheques, touring show, rental market etc.


LA-33 us a special design subwoofer with special feature is an 18" speaker at the front and a 15" speaker at the back. With bi-amp operation and the respective presets, different dispersion characteristics can be produced. With T.I Audio most successfully research driver units to make the sound deep,achieving attenuation greater than 15 dB over the entire bass spectrum. The end-fire mode is best for maximum sound pressure at the front with simultaneous partial reduction at the rear. Because of their directionality basses sound much more concrete and musical especially in venues with a lot of reverb. And the musicians on the stage as well as nearby behind the stage are spared off the effects of excessive bass levels.LA-33 subwoofer is together use with our LA-310 line array system.